Fulbright seminar on Tuesday April 26 at 19:00 (time zone of Spain): «Disasters of War 2022: Ukrainian Version»

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Next Tuesday April 26 at 19:00 Spanish time we will have another Fulbright seminar of the weekly series «Disasters of War 2022: Ukrainian Version». This time the seminar will be conducted in English, with the title:
War and Arts

The speaker, from Kyiv, will be Natalia Moussienko, Executive director of the Ukrainian Fulbright Circle and historian of arts

To sign up for this seminar, simply click right below:
and later you will receive the link to use in order to join the seminar on Tuesday.
«Kyiv Maidan 2013/2014 was the stage for complex collective artistic practices, filled with emotions and creativity. It was a great boost to all forms and genres of art: performance, installations, poster art, photography, sculpture, painting, music, cinema, literature, etc. Art of Maidan marked a critical pivot away from the old Soviet paradigms. Many of those who participated in the Maidan went to war, which began in early 2014. Now in 2022 when this large scale Russian-Ukrainian war is challenging the whole world by killing the Ukrainians, destroying their peaceful cities, their cultural heritage, the artists, those from the Maidan and a new generation, are in the front-line to answer the questions depicting this war and to be just soldiers defending their Motherland.» 


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