Fulbrighters in Spain are invited to participate in a global gathering of the Fulbright community in Heidelberg, Germany

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Alumni from more than twenty countries are expected to attend the Sixth Annual Conference of the Fulbright Academy of Science & Technology.  The program begins on Wednesday evening and runs through Saturday afternoon/evening, but as many Fulbrighters are busy, it is possible to come for the second half or just the weekend on March 16-19.

The purpose of the conference is to be a catalyst for cooperation and collaboration among Fulbrighters.  During the four days, we will explore what is imminent, possible and important in the Social Sciences – and how that relates to innovation in other fields, such as business, law, education and STEM fields.  You will learn how fellow Fulbrighters are changing the world with their unique knowledge and skills, and identify opportunities for collaboration.

Social Science is our conference theme in 2011, but alumni from many fields are attracted to our multi-national, multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary program.  The conference begins on March 16, 2011, in the historic Alte Aula at the University of Heidelberg with an gathering of innovative Fulbrighters in fields relating to science and technology.  At the end of the week we have a two-day program on Human Rights, with international leaders from the human rights community, and we also have a program on entrepreneurship.

The Annual Conference is designed to create and develop relationships among current and future leaders – the types of relationships that Fulbright grants are famous for – so please come to share your knowledge and experience. The plenary presentations, science tours, film festival and Saturday seminars are among the many activities.  For students who wish to present their research, we have openings in the poster session.  We also have several openings for panelists.

Registration for current grantees is $300 and $180 for student grantees.  Registration for individual alumni is $425, but is discounted to $300 for groups of two or more, so please bring a friend.

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