Ryder Club España/ Ryder Club Spain / RCE

Ryder Club España is a association/club of Alumni Associations and Clubs that have joined or have contacted in order to share experiences and knowledge, improve the quality of their events and / or acquire critical mass for their activities.

Some of these associations/clubs are (excuse any typos and/or inaccuracies): Barrie de la Maza Alumni, Bocconi Alumni Association Madrid, Boston College, Boston University, Bowdoin Club of Spain, Columbia Business School, Columbia University, Emory University Alumni, ESCP Europe, Fulbright Alumni Association, Fundación Rafael del Pino Alumni Association, Georgetown, Harvard – HBS, Hult IBS, IMD, HEC, Insead, London Business School, London School of Economics, Manchester Business School, MIT – Sloan, NorthWestern – Kellogg GSB, Notre Dame, Rotterdam School of Management, Sciences Po Alumni – Asociación Ibérica, Stanford – GSB, The University of Chicago, University of California at Berkeley-Haas School of Business, UCLA – Anderson School, VIA Círculo Jefferson, Wharton Club and Yale (alphabetical order) (in some cases the club/association includes all schools in universities and in some others only the business school).

RCE members are the Alumni Clubs defined above, not alumni themselves. Thus, if you want to participate in the RCE events, we suggest you contact the President of your Alumni Club, so s/he can include you in your Club’s email distribution list.

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Should you need further information about RCE, please email to info@ryderclubspain.com

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